10 Best Beer In The World

By Beerskool.com

10. Heineken

Heineken took great pride in the excellence of their beer. To get a crisp and Unique taste they use "Yeast A"

09.  Corona

It has a crisp, smooth flavour and is made from the highest-quality combination of filtered water, malted barley, hops, maize, and yeast.

08.  Guinness Draught

although it may appear black and thick, it tastes incredibly smooth and light, infused with roasted barley overtones.

07.  Modelo Especial 

The golden tint of this lager beer is enhanced by its silky orange blossom honey and herb undertones.

06.  Skol

It is 5th most popular beer in the world. Its mainly sold in Brazil.

05.  Stella Artois 

It is the ideal beer to enjoy with food because of its lovely flowery scent, sharp hop bitterness, and gentle dry finish.

04.  Coors Light

An iconic element of Coors Light is a mountain with two peaks. The Coors Brewing firm originally created the beverage in 1978.

03.  Budweiser

Despite experiencing dropping sales across the nation, Budweiser remains a popular beer in the US.

02.  Bud Light

It is a popular among American beer consumers due to its low ABV and low caloric content.

01.  Snow

It's amazing that Snow is the most popular beer in the world despite the fact that most people outside of China have never heard of it.